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Welcome AI-Professional CG!

Hello everyone, have you met Narendiran Chembu yet? This young and ambitious AI & #Robotics Engineer has been with Cboost for 2 months now, joining us immediately after getting his MsC in #AI. Now he’s part of the Cboost team that is helping PixelfarmingRobotics create an #AGV to revolutionize farming.

Next to that, Narendiran (or, as his friends and colleagues call him: CG) also develops fact-grounded robot journalism tools to help the Dutch newsrooms automate news creation.

We’re proud to work with such skillful people that want to create a better world, together.

We've got a couple of cool projects coming up, and we're looking for more people like CG. Want to know more? Send us a message to Dyan Koning or email

Cboost: when #technology needs #brains!

#Cboost #hiring #hightech #sustainability #solutions

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